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Alice Hubert Jewelry

Alice Hubert is a Parisian jewellery designer specialising in hand-crafting intricate and statement-making necklaces and bracelets. All of her designs are handmade in France from her Paris-based workshop, ensuring a high level of quality and individuality with every piece of jewellery.

Inspiration from hip-hop to pop art

Alice Hubert bijoux designs take inspiration from everything from hip-hop culture and pop art, to feminism and romantic 19th century jewellery. The designer says that she was always dreaming of finding treasures, but when she couldn’t find any stand-out designs, she started to create her own according to the art that had always inspired her.

Her playful designs are manufactured to present a subtle yet strong message about the wearer to all those she encounters. Alice Hubert jewelry is designed and created using traditional jewellery-making techniques, such as chasing, that Alice learned whilst attending Boulle School in France.

Hand chased, one by one

Each piece in the Injuriseuses collection is hand-chased, one by one, with tools Alice makes herself from scratch. Alice also uses enamelled bronze and metal-plates some of her designs with fine gold, pink gold or silver for an elegant finish.

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