Poppy Brings you the Latest Kleshna Jewellery

Kleshna has a unique vision and unparalleled skill for designing exceptional jewellery, embracing a huge variety of colours and innovative styles. At Love Poppy, we have the latest Kleshna designs which have been worn by some of today’s biggest celebrities. As with everything we bring to you from around the world, Kleshna jewellery is unusual and glamorous, with its own unique, instantly-recognisable style.

Kleshna Poppy Brooch and Ring

Our Kleshna poppy brooch and adjustable Kleshna poppy ring were both designed exclusively in 2012 for the Royal British Legion to commemorate Remembrance Day; these were worn by many high-profile celebrities on some of the UK’s biggest television shows, as a mark of respect and to encourage others to follow their example. Delicately hand-crafted and silver plated, these designs are perfect for anyone who wants to mark Remembrance Day with something a little bit different and extra-special.

Featuring SWAROVSKI crystal

Featuring SWAROVSKI crystal, Kleshna’s poppy brooch and ring are lovingly made to ensure exquisite quality and striking design; they will match any outfit – whatever your style – all year round. Why not take a look through our huge range of gorgeous unique clothing for women to find the perfect pieces to match it?

15% from each poppy brooch or ring will be donated to the Royal British Legion Trading Limited, which gives all of its taxable profits to The Royal British Legion.

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