Renaissance Life

Renaissance Life

“My vision is to create a brand that people love and are excited about! I make unique pieces that are much more than just beautiful accessories; my jewellery is crafted to create a special energy for the day. I like to travel back in time and find the spirit with which jewellery was initially made, in order to create strength, positive memories and make an impact”, Linnea Götstav, designer.

150 Years of Renaissance Life

With a history stretching over 150 years, Renaissance Life is still at the forefront of boutique fashion. Hailing from the icy lands of Sweden and now based in London, the company has built up quite the celebrity following, including Jessie J, Elle McPherson and Alexa Chung.

Designed by Linnea Götstav, Renaissance Life jewellery is the epitome of style. From the angelic Year 2012 silver earrings to the elegant and eye-catching Year 525 'Time is an Illusion’ pendant, every single piece is meticulously designed to reflect the wearer’s inner spirit and energy.

Love Poppy is an official Renaissance Life jewellery stockist. Browse the site to marvel at the stunning designs available or for other ranges of boutique women’s clothing.

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