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Shankha Trinity

Price: £225.00
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By Catherine Michiels of L.A. Shankha Trinity

7.2 gr. sterling silver with a Diamond in the hand.

Framed by the Mudra hand with diamond in centre for teaching and meditation as well as protection against the evil eye, and by a Lotus for Higher Spirit, True Soul and Peace, the the Shankha is a sacred shell for Hindus and Buddhists with the 'Ohm' symbol engraved on it.

You have there the best elements for a perfect harmony with yourself and the rest of this world. 

The Shakra Trinity charms measure just 18mm and can be added onto any colour of silk wrap (colour may vary to the one shown)

Comes beautifully wrapped in a Catherine Michiels velvet pouch with a book of meanings as well as Love Poppy's own gorgeous packaging!

*You can now purchase an additional Silk wrap in the colour of your choice from the new 2013 Catherine Michiels colour palette, See below

Love Poppy xxx

P.S. If you prefer to have the Shankha trinity in Bronze, Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold please just Get in touch with me for more information

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