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By Catherine Michiels of L.A. Shankha

The conch shell (Shankha in Sanskrit and Dung dkar in Tibetan) is sacred for both Buddhists & Hindus.

The shell which spirals to the right is rare and believed to echo the celestial motion of the sun, moon, planets & stars across the heavens.

The "Ohm" symbol is thought to be the eternal syllable in which the past, present & future exist.

Wear this pendant as a gentle reminder of the transient nature of life. This conch shell charm is available from stock in 3.2 gr. sterling silver,  comes on a silk wrap (colour may vary to the one shown)

The charm measures 18 mm

*You can now purchase an additional Silk wrap in the colour of your choice from the new 2013 Catherine Michiels colour palette, See below

Comes beautifully wrapped in a Catherine Michiels velvet pouch with a book of meanings as well as Love Poppy's own gorgeous packaging!

Love Poppy xxx

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