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NEW! Anacapri Necklace with Silver Mudra charm

Price: £210.00
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NEW! Anacapri Necklace with Silver Mudra charm

The hugely popular Anacapri necklace is a bestseller for Catherine Michiels

This one is 36cm long with 4mm Coral beads which I was pleased to hear were non endangered, each coral bead is then interspaced with sterling silver faceted beads.

The necklace also features a 2.1gr sterling silver Mudra charm with a 1.2pt diamond in the hand.

The Mudra is a Sacred gesture of the hand in Sanskrit. The Buddhist symbol Vitarka-Mudra is a gesture of teaching and meditation. The thumb joins the forefinger in a circle to keep the energy flowing. This charm also acts to protect against the evil eye, a misfortune sent by someone envious.

Comes beautifully packaged in both Catherine Michiels signature packaging featured here and Love Poppy gift wrap!

Love Poppy x


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