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New for 2015 - Chic Belle Linen By Karien Belle Blush Pink and Turquoise - Hand Embroidered

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Chic Belle, Linen By Karien Belle - New for 2015

Karien Belle scarves are a beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry, a spontaneous sketch transformed into these lovely eye-catching poetry scarves. Made with the finest linen's and Cotton’s using acid free dye, each piece carefully hand embroidered in a Fair Trade unit employing widows

Sizes could vary a little, but minimum 2.1 meter x 1 meter, generally between 10-15 cm bigger, depending on fringes etc.

Slight variations in embroidery might occur, since each hand working on the piece is different.

Colour Blush Pink with turquoise writing

Dry clean only - details on label

Quote on this scarf....... 

"The sunlight hit her hair and I stood silent, wondering exactly how many angels were walking around with absolutely no idea of the wings that are hiding beneath their own skin"

Love Poppy x